Measurement and control fixtures

APM is a complete supplier of measurement and control fixtures

APM is an acknowledged expert in the manufacture of measurement and control fixtures.
Since the mid-1970s, we have supplied fixtures to leading subcontractors to the European automotive industry.

In a fixture project, we take care of everything, from idea to final product, always bearing in mind the customer’s own fixture specifications.

When we supply fixtures, they are always accompanied by a clear measurement protocol and complete design information. If the customer requires it, we can also carry out viability testing (Gr&R) of the fixtures.

The design system we use is CATIA V5.

Measurement and control fixtures at APM...

  • Simple Go/NoGo fixtures
  • Form gauges with flush and gap measurement
  • Advanced fixtures for automatic measurement (SPS-fixtures)
  • Metrology fixtures for measurement in a measuring machine (CMM fixtures)

APM and material choices

The fixtures manufactured by APM can consist of lightweight materials such as honeycomb and resin, but we also make fixtures in aluminium and/or steel. The choice of material depends on the customer’s needs and applicable standards.

Mechanical components are manufactured in aluminium and/or steel. Parts exposed to wear and tear are manufactured in hardened steel.

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Gallery of APM measurement and control fixtures

In APM’s gallery, we present different examples of measurement and control fixtures manufactured on our premises.

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