About APM

APM is a Swedish company operating throughout Europe

APM’s full name is APM August Pettersson AB, and the company is based in Värnamo at the south of Sweden about 250 km north of Malmö. We have our roots in the conventional model manufacture, and since the mid-1970s, we have focused on three areas of expertise: Control measurement fixturesCNC milling and CMM measurement

APM’s customers are global businesses within the automotive, engineering, and plastics industries. In particular, the automotive industry and its subcontractors have been frequent and recurring clients.

With our broad network of partners and subcontractors, we can take overall responsibility for relatively large projects.

Peter Sandén, APM’s CEO, explains:
“APM has cutting-edge expertise when it comes to measurement and control fixtures, which means we’re also well-respected from an international perspective. There aren’t many engineering companies that offer such a complete range of knowledge, and it’s basically the secret to our success.”

Fixture recycling

To make things easier for APM’s customers, we attach a decal to our control fixtures that informs them how the item can be dismantled and recycled. 

See APM’s dismantling/recycling instructions for control fixtures

APM is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.