CNC milling

Need advanced milling in resin, aluminium and steel?

APM’s 5- and 3-axis milling machines are at your disposal

APM’s CNC machine fleet consists of five 5-axis machines in different sizes up to a work envelope of X3000, Y1200, Z1000 mm. Assignments we undertake often consist of relatively advanced small-series parts in resin, aluminium, and steel.

The CAM programming is carried out in TEBIS.

Here you can see more of APM’s 3- and 5-axis CNC machines

Milling at APM...

  • Small-batch parts in resin, aluminium, and steel
  • Form parts of different types, design, and visual models
  • Milled prototype parts, tools/models for lamination and vacuum moulding
  • Prototype tools for sheet metal forming.
  • If required, we can also supply a measurement protocol (see CMM measurement)


Any questions?

Peter Sanden
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Johnny Fälth
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Gallery of APM milling

In APM’s gallery, we present different examples of milling work carried out on our premises.

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