Through our highly accurate portal machinery we can offer an effective tool for external measurement assignments as well as final verification of our fixtures and machined products.

  • have measuring machines with measurement ranges up to X1500, Y2600, Z1350, see also headline Capacity and Measuring machines above.

  • use PC-Dmis software for evaluation and freeform measurement.

  • also handle 3-D scanning and surface modelling in the manufacturing of fixtures, models and tools.

If you have any questions, please contact Johnny Fälth or Joakim Gunnarsson, see Contacts above.

Our three DEA measuring machines.

DEA Image DEA närbild Närbild mätprob

Measuring of fixtures manufactured in-house and external measurement assignments for a variety of parts.

Inmätning tolk Mätning plastdetalj Externmätning växelhus
Clear, well-arranged PC-Dmis measurement protocol.

PC-Dmis measurement software.

PC-Dmis Screen dump PC-Dmis Screen dump PC-Dmis


Johnny Fälth

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Joakim Gunnarsson

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Product development involves strict confidentiality. With many years' experience as a supplier to the automotive industry this is an obvious and integral part of our work.