CNC milling

Our range of machines comprises five-axis and three-axis machines with travel of 800-3000 mm,
for further information see on Capacity and CNC machines above.
We use TEBIS for CNC programming, the most effective CAM program on the market.

We manufacture...
  • small-series parts in plastic, aluminium and steel.

  • form parts varying in nature as well as design and visual models.

  • milled prototype parts, tools/models for lamination and vacuum moulding.

  • prototype tools for steel plate forming, double-acting or for flexforming (Quintus).

  • casting models and we also handle casting of aluminium parts in small and large series.

If the customer wishes, we deliver parts with a measurement protocol, see also headline Measurement.

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Sandén or Carl-Johan Källberg, see also Contacts above.

Milling of small-series parts and design models.

Small-series part Moduldetalj Fläktskovel

Tool parts and modules.

Bilgrill Verktyg Tillhållare

Cube and matching modules:

Together with our partner Holje Mekaniska, we design and manufacture cube models for matching and quality assurance.

Cubing modules for the automotive industry.

Cubing modules Cubing modules Cubing modules


Peter Sandén

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Johnny Fälth

Tel: +46 370 692633



Product development involves strict confidentiality. With many years' experience as a supplier to the automotive industry this is an obvious and integral part of our work.