Control fixtures

In a fixture project we assume responsibility for the totality, from initial concept through to finished product. A calibration protocol accompanies all deliveries and, if the customer wishes, complete design documentation. We also carry out a repeatability and reproducibility test on the fixtures, what is termed Gauge R&R.

We manufacture...
  • simple Go/NoGo gauges.

  • form gauges with flush- and gap check.

  • advanced gauges for automatic measurement (SPS gauges).

  • measurement set-ups in measuring machines (CMM gauges).

  • assembly fixtures.

  • in different materials – honeycomb, plastic, aluminium or steel in accordance with the customer's requirements.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Johnny Fälth or Peter Sandén, see "Contacts".

Simple types of Go/NoGo gauges.

Go/NoGo gauge Go/NoGo gauge Go/NoGo gauge

Gauges for flush- and gap control.

Flush- and gap fixture Flush- and gap fixture Flush- and gap fixture

Advanced gauges for automatic measurement.

Automatic measurement Automatic measurement Advanced gauge

CMM gauges for measuring machines and assembly fixtures.

CMM gauge Assembly fixture Assembly fixture


Johnny Fälth

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Peter Sandén

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Product development involves strict confidentiality. With many years' experience as a supplier to the automotive industry this is an obvious and integral part of our work.